Assorted Poems, Ditties, and Ventilations

I decided to go and be kind
And tell you what you will find
After reading this simple creation
As you move to the next poem station

Branch one is where happy poems live
Where rays of Sunshine I give!
The good and the great
are piled onto to one plate
They are just for you reader!
Don't be shy, be a feeder!

The darkness and despair is next.
My anger imbued in the text.
When the winds start blow
and my esteem gets low
I open the dam and let the sad poems flow!
So I caution you reader, dont go
To that path unless you do wish
To be drowned in my sorrow like a fish.

The last road to tread
is the stuff from my head
You may end up laughing
until you are dead.
Its the weird, the wacky the odd
This stuff was not censored by God
Seriousness, normalness, cannot be found
The stuff in this section may not be too sound

So choose whichever group you may
And have fun, read them all day
My thoughts are yours to view
And check back for the sparkly and new!
Thanks for your time and your eyes
But unfortunately I must say my goodbyes.

The End

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