Scattering and flickering,

my aspirations are like drops

Falling into the ocean deep

of others' desires, buried,

never to resurface again.


Sometimes I stand by the side

and watch people pass me by.

I stop a few on an impulse

and ask "Have your dreams come true?"


"Have you been granted all that

you ever desired and more?"

I do so because deep down I'm scared

Of dreaming the impossible,

Of failing miserably.


I get the answers mostly negative.

Some shake their heads, remarking,

Life's not fair. Some give

 a non-commital "no". And some just break down

Shattered to realize where life has led them.


But where would I be

Without my dreams?

For scattering and flickering,

They are the reason I survive each day.


Like transient bubbles of soap they are,

That vanish when reality doth approach.

But in my mind, when I sleep,

They come to me - like water

In they seep.


All my grandest plans and ideas

Recieve life, and awaken in majesty

Shimmering and flickering

So near and yet so far away.


And scattering and flickering

My dream remains intact.

A fragile idea in my mind

that I'll forever cherish

For it is mine.


But in the end

These are just dreams, illusions

That do dance in the weak light

Of my imaginations.


They make a believer out of me

Take me to heights I never knew existed,

Let me soar and throw me down . I only

Sigh and say - "Ah, I believed too much

In a fickle dream". And turn to start

Dreaming once again...

The End

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