How the years move too fast, leaving us with too many "what if"s

As the years go on

my memories strangle

me tighter and tighter.

About how

I never did quite finish

that summer adventure.

I never spent enough time

with my parents.

I never enjoyed myself

while I still had the time.

I never listened

when he told me to

just let go.

I never got to warn her of all the future

heartbreaks she will face.

I will never get that chance again.

But please just

give me back the simplicity

of holding someone’s hand.

Give me back the array of tears

I shed over your loss.

Give me back the steel armor

over my heart,

because I don’t want this

rusted carcass.

Give me back the warmth

I underappreciated,

thinking it will always be there.

Give me back the caress

of the wind on my face

because I do not want

its bite.

I no longer want the grip

of my memories strangling me,

squeezing and squeezing and squeezing,

until acidic tears

pour down holding

each and every wish

I ever made,

until my body

is just an empty corpse.


The End

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