I looked with misunderstanding....

At the face of my father,

 I had not seen him for years, now he was a grandfather

As he looked back, his face began to slack,

A look of dissapointment for his first born,

A look of helplessness  like his heart was torn,

Not knowing which words to say,I wanted to make him see i was ok,

I had been through alot,But that had come to a stop,

Now he wanted me to be ashamed,

At "What i had been through"...."Are you insane"?

I have weathered the storm that started the day i was born,

To see what i saw.... before the age of 24,

I looked again at his face knowing, his view was distorted by his pride and reputation,all he had was a parental link,

He wasnt intrested in what i may think,

After what i had seen, life was cruel, hard and mean......

I turned and did the same thing i did when i was fourteen,

I left his home and went away on my own,

But this time i wasn't alone, I had my child beside me, my little clone,

A look of love from a child can heal the most hurt,

Make the right choice for you, you cant live life for other people and what they might say, you will find love in your own way.


The End

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