A Smile of Happiness,

A Smile of Fun,

A Smile  Full of Emotion,

A Smile still Glum,

To Smile through pain and hold back the Tear's,

To Smile to yourself and banish the Fear's,

To Smile and instanty lift away the Year's,

To Smile when knowing that achievement is Near,

I love the smile that's real and Genuine,

I love the smile that started as a Grin,

I love the smile that makes me Melt,

I love the smile that's alway's Heartfelt,

A child's smile can make you feel Good,

A mother's smile can lead to Food,

A father's smile  can be Pride,

A fake smile show's whats inside,

A smile that reaches from ear to ear.......

Is on my face while I am sat typing HERE!!!!.....

The End

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