Ask me

There’s a light in your eyes I try to reach for.

Maybe it would burn.

It hurts just to hold you ,scalds my tiny fingers.

And you don’t ask the right questions.


Why break, why burn, why die a little more?



I love you.

I hear seagulls in my head, that's how I know it's real

Brings me back home

I want to stay here and remember the magic of innocence.

Not feel it wretched from me all over again!


I crave affection.

You give me nothing.

But always willing to take.

But isn't that always the way

Boys becoming Men

But never human




Shed my tears

Cool rain on your skin.

But you never ask the right questions.

Maybe you think you know all the answers,

Or worse you just don’t care.




Ask me why I keep coming back for more.

Ashes on the inside.

Yet here I am again.

Asking you to hold you once more.

Ask me why.

The End

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