As Victors We Shine

Sometimes you just have to row.

Nebulous night, imperious shadows,
Steering this vessel through treacherous narrows.
Ruminating souls seem sundered from reason,
Our endeavour to hope considered as treason.

Earnestly beseech but to no avail,
Windless misery no aid for the sail.
Helplessly adrift on confounded sea,
Maelstroms bellow and cackle with glee .

The sum of our parts laid out to bear,
Questioning committee taking the chair.
Weighing up doubts divided by grief,
Morbid vexation subtracting belief.

Disconsolation announces its plot,
To decimate strength we'd almost forgot.
But drink now from hope's eternal spring,
Recollect memories that made our hearts sing.

Night is perpetual, inaugurates day,
Promise of which returns faith to the fray.
A scintilla of ardour sparks mutiny,
Adherence to which will set our hope free.

A ship starved of wind is life without breath,
But listen we'll not to foreboding of death.
Taking up oars and in our hands claim,
The right to passage through ocean now tame.

Port greets us warmly, at last we succeed,
Expunge all our sorrows, expel our fatigue.
Revitalised vigour and certitude mine,
Dark piracy beaten, as victors we shine.

The End

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