as though what we leave behind is the only thing that matters

once there was a kid
who knew too much and spoke too little

she saw death at nine
and threw up blood at ten
and she felt piercing pain from age five

but she never really cried
or told anyone
so it manifested as nightmares

it crept up like a badly-trained ninja,
moving like a turtle with a purpose,
but when it finally reached its goal,

it found that the victim was already rotten inside,
other maggots having come to feast
long before these revved-up bad dreams tried to come to stay

because her body was like a hotel,
and depression rang the phone off the hook

love was always ruined for her
- darling you can't love another of the same gender -
not to mention the part where everyone expected

well, they expected it to go like this:
1. get married  2. have sex
3. have children and 'pass on your legacy'

as though we can erase our mistakes
by passing solutions onto the next generation

but i think this building of flesh and blood
is closing down like a 
factory after protesting by higher-ups

so let's drink
to a life lived by 
(oh we were always pretending)

The End

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