As the Curtain Falls

I wrote this about my battle with PTSD. And the feelings that go with it.

Away from the anger

beneath the weight of the pain

a whisper beckons, a coming change

When the waters part and curtains fall

what's left on this stage is nothing at all


Quietly screaming the angst and despair

what once was waiting is no longer there

time it has passed, the change it erupts

the end came so fast, she finally gave up


Who will she be, what will she become?

Will she follow her dreams or has her heart won

her heads full of vision, the play must go on

the words best relayed penned within this song


Where hollow eyes linger the strings are tied taut

the puppeteer grinning, this was all for not

the bleeding heart broken, beaten by time

the play must continue, her heart now confined.

The End

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