angel to my rescueMature


I feel a strange impression

Much, unclear to my fascination,

It's simply incredible luck in everything,

as surprising as it seems,

all the elements of a new and lighting happiness

suddenly i  feel a new assurance,

 a new strength, a new energy invading me

 i am  about to triumph over all the bad sad blows of life,

i  feel  like "INVINCIBLE"!…

 hoping to live big changes that i can't imagine,

 even in my most crazy dreams

an angel   helping  me to take a new and dazzling start in my life

grabbing  my  chances at the crucial moments where she will be there for me,

a new world that will be given to me, a world of happiness, joy and love

I'm waiting impatiently for her news and to send  her all my tenderness.............

The End

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