an ode to godMature

An ode to god While the description of god, Is so very mystical, creating, An extraordinary insight, I stand unruffled in the midst, Of temptation and sorrows, Reading an adumbration of His doctrines,’ Annulled in higher synthesis, Is it the scythe which can rend asunder? The bondage of lust and make me free, In the crimson colour sky so vast, I experience great joy and merriment, That makes me dance and whirl around, With no trace of sorrow and dejection,’ When i simply write poetry, This is a commixture of moral, mystical and metaphysical knowledge, For all i finally realize that The feelings of pain and pleasure Thoroughly depend on the attitude of mind, So, whatever bestowed upon me by God is good, An empty in or inactivity would be the canker of the soul, Lustfulness, infatuation and grief would, Create a vicious circle, So, i choose to cease affliction By the common foibles of humanity, For He pervades all...................................

The End

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