As Long as my Imagination is Alive

This is talking about how people just simply want to live all the time and be remembered. But in the kind of chorus, and the last stanza, it talks about how, this person would love to live. Though they much rather be remember by their imagination, because they still would feel like they are living. So basically a writer/author.

I will draw my self

I will color my life

And I will paint my own world

Put a rainbow on stressful times

Just forget the bad moments


Let thunder be my drum

Lightning my path of light

And rain the beats of my heart

As long as it wakes me up

As long as I feel the beat

As long as my blood flows

I am still alive


But I will draw

My own picture

I will paint my own world

Confuse happiness with the stars

Sing a new melody

And just forget my anger


Let my imagination show

The sidewalk is a staircase

That leads me to a whole new place

As long as no one wakes me

As long as my imagination beats

As long as I am remembered

I am still alive

The End

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