As Good As I do

Just a quick poem I wrote awhile back, nothing special.. :p

I can see us dancing in the moonlight
Walking by the ocean blue
Every thought I have had
Has lead me back to you

I  can hear you whisper in my ear
How much you really care
That I am the only one
This love will never tear

I can feel you holding me tight
Up against your chest
Feeling only warmth and butterflies
I know you are the best

I can smell the flowers you bring
To cheer me up one day
With each and every rose petal
I can hear you say

You are my one and only
You are my lucky star
I hope that you will love me
And just go on as we are

Then I woke up,
 with a feeling so keen
Even so real
It was only a dream

I hope one day it will be more than that
Because I know that dreams come true
But I guess today I’ll walk along
Feeling as good as I do.

The End

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