As Darkness Grows

The pain I feel,

It eats away,

Away from me,

Like rotting decay.


Can you make it stop?

Can you make it end?

How much longer,

In pain must I spend?


You have not caused this,

That much is true.

The pain I feel,

Is not for you.


It is fault of mine,

That things are this way.

My actions, I see,

Push you away.


To his arms you flee,

To his warm embrace,

Leaving me a cold,

Dark, empty space.


And in this dark,

I now reside,

With demons and devils,

No place to hide.


You have not left me,

Not as of yet,

That you soon will,

Is a certain bet.


I expect the words;

“It’s not working out”,

To pass you lips,

Without a doubt.


I try not to love you,

I try not to care.

Not for spite,

But to prepare.


Prepare for the dark,

Which now grows bold.

There’s a chill is the air,

Much more than cold.


I still love you,

I hope you know.

Even if this love,

I cannot show.

The End

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