As Blood Dines on Blood

As soon as you start to define anything.

You realize it's too late

someone wrote about it sometime,

and theirs was probably better anyway.

The dark eyes outside at night seem to keep me up,

and that defining withering sun

makes me feel just so drowsy.


It is not a matter of inspiration

to get these poems written.

Instead, it's the opposite.


Why does it always seem like something's wrong

even when it all seems to be going right?

just a room full of people in your head

bidding for control of your head.


It's not like I don't want to talk to people.

I see a lack of reason, is all.

Over fifty percent of communication is nonverbal

So what is our deal with words?

they're as inert as rocks


they describe so much that can't be touched.

Frustration means nothing but what you put behind it.

I can't grasp my palm around the word imagination.

So how can you understand even what I meant?

It's the sound of that Raven outside.

which brings me to awaken after midday's light

but why?

when my dreams are so inviting

and life has nothing I really need

I don't think I'd mind

just falling asleep, again.


An ant colony that has lost its drive

a hive working for the destruction of the queen

We like nice things

so we want them to last.

Defy all your free will.

and be those chemicals that make up our bodies

float in the water we're made of.


headlights in the distance

I do not move

for deer have had the right idea all along.

We're saying 'no' to the infinite at every passing second

but some ties keep us here

so I sidestep instead

and wait for a time to come

when 'yes' can finally be spoken.


when I was a child 

they asked me what I wanted to be

and I replied, "an explorer."

If only I knew

distant isles are gone for now, and  a while.

I should have said "A carrot." 

because I seem more like that

than anything else.


Just like my radiator is filled with bugs

I imagine that must look like heaven's gates.


Something is keeping me here

and it's not the Red Bull and weed.

but I hope for one day

when everyone breaks the veil

and realizes it's their world to create and destroy

And blood dines on blood. I wait.

The End

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