Artistic Monstrosity

Nature. From gorgeous flowers to mind-warping parasites, it has something for everyone. And as much as it terrifies us, its just whatever works, nothing evil about it.
Everything is beautiful in a way.

I can give you both beauty and horror
On my canvas, gaining flesh and substance
An artistic monstrosity
An eerie scintillating vision
A song only demons sing
To explore the nuances of your nightmares
Is all I could ever ask for
And I pray you'll understand
That beneath where you stand
The molten ichor of the earth is as free of evil
As the mosquito that sips from your neck
Hungry but not hateful
We only hope that you'll share yourself with us
So we do not fade like an old photograph
The only Hell is the one between your ears
And no demon will ever torment you
More than you torment yourselves

The End

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