Artist of a Thousand Trades

Let me be a bard

A musician playing a silent song

Weaving melodies of love and lost

Harmonies of healing hope

My pen’s my flute

The instrument for my soul’s outpour

Broken notes upon crumpled paper

The translation of the whirlwind within me

Cursive letters upon yellowed paper

An author’s lyrics of life


Let me be a weaver

A silent storyteller, an artist of old

Merging colours of the rainbows

Unfolding my heart, strand by strand

My pen’s my threads

Weaving symbols of black and white

A woven cloak of love and lost

The translation of the feelings within me

An embroidered frame of imagination

An author’s tapestry of life


Let me be a chef

A creator of nourishment and joy

Whipping up a banquet of hope

With a thousand words my ingredients

My pen’s my spoon

Combining a tasteful magnum opus

A spoonful of thoughts and emotions

The translation of the world through my eyes

A soufflé of crazy ideas

Rising, rising, forever yearning for perfection

An author’s recipe of life

The End

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