Artificial Sunlight

The sunlight:

Neon signs shine in their glitter-freak eyes,
Big broad garnished
in high expectations,hopes,and needs
of a growthless generation
close-minded, open-mouthed
xenon-lust flourescent on their skin

                           Breathing in the exhaust fumes
                                                                          of an exhausted people

The Sun Is Artificial Here.

but they soak it up
like smoke stifling their lungs-
they bathe in it like
fire devouring every trace of gasoline

Begging the poison to seep
deep into their pores,
disintegrating their nerves,
washing their bitter bones-

The pretty girls on the corner,
dressed up all nice,
in their nighttime, night-life,
harsh light,harsh life finery.

The hopes are artificial here.

The End

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