Art Immitating Life

Crowds swell and shift,
Blank stares and mouths agape,
Slack jawed awe in the face,
Of such startling beauty.
Though you stand with your feet on the ground,
They try to put you in a glass box on a pedastal,
Safely tucked into their subconcious,
Where they can understand you.
They over simplify to the point where,
What they see is so incongruent,
To who you always have and will always be,
They want to keep you in your box on your pedastal,
And show you off when they can justify it.
They see a perfect marble statue,
And believe it's to your core,
But inside there is a heart that beats,
More wildly and full of life than most,
And a mind forthright and unabashed,
That excites and challenges daily.
One day there will be a toppled pillar,
Broken glass strewn haphazard,
And the crowds will gasp at the tragedy,
But any who knew the statue,
Will know you have broken free,
And walk away smiling.

The End

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