Thank you for being true,

for helping me,

for being you.

Thank you for hiding your pain to help me deal with mine,

for saying that everything is fine.

I know it hurts you to see me cry for her,

and it's not fair to you,

after what I put you through...

But you've got a golden heart,

and you feel like you've got to do your part.

But you've done your share,

even though I haven't been fair.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for the ass I've been,

and I'm sorry for all of my sins...

One day you'll have someone to love you,

respect you,

adore you.

He's gonna make you feel like you're the queen of his world,

and you'll look back and see what a fool that I've been.

You'll see me for what I really am...

Someone that doesn't even deserve to be a part of your world.

But I'm glad that you're in mine,

you've taught me so much in our short time.

You've kept me from being cold,

kept me from losing my path,

kept my soul from growing old...

You give me hope for that day...

I guess what I'm trying to say

is that I'm sorry in every way...

I hope this will help you heal

the wounds that I dealt...

I should have acted on how I now feel...

instead of on the emptiness that I felt...

The End

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