Armageddon's Wake

In the wake of an apocalyptic war that began with the advent of a new virus that mutated and "advanced" human DNA, a survivor emerges and experiences a terrifying physical transformation. Yet despite his new form, and the power he finds in it, he feels abandoned and alone.

We should have left it alone...
Humanity was changed by sciences and alliances gone wrong
They altered our genetic spiral, it went viral, got strong

An evolution has begun, the future of us all- at stake
Time's up, my change is happening; I'm burning, fully baked
And I quake within the depths of this new form,
fearful of tragedy, yet grasp the majesty- of a body reforged
I shed the skin of what used to be, for the old me is gone
And I stare into the face of Fate, embrace the coming dawn

Years pass...
Memories pour and tears of dust fall from eyes resigned to hate...
A world scorched... and in the shade of blackened skies, I wait
I'd been praying for heaven to help me, but have nearly lost my faith
For God hasn't cared to answer my prayers- in Armageddon's wake

The End

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