Arm Candy

We went from silver to black

Just like costume jewellery

So there’s nothing left to treasure, just a stain around my neck

I called out for a beacon

Something that undeniably said I was loved.


  But  that was never my soul intention

I wanted something that symbolized everything I wanted to feel

Everything I hoped one day I would feel I deserved

You  were suppose to hand it over on a polished tray


   The  trouble is we want the same thing

I loved you, I did

I  think you loved me too

We never had the words

We  lived to wax poetic

Never saying what really mattered

Nothing at all


When we faltered we didn’t now what to do

We  couldn’t laugh it off or let it go

Every  moment had to be pivotal

They all told us to take it slow

But I always thought they were trying to lessen what we were

I guess I was too in it

I wanted it too much

I’m just so sorry I chained you along

The End

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