The ground was hot, hot.
New sandals sticking to melting tar.
I called you and tried to tell you I loved you,
But you were busy.
The dried grassy bushes,
Looked like dead little hedgehogs.
I felt sad.

The air was hot, hot.
A new cotton dress clung to my sticky legs.
I sat in the sun and looked at the sidewalk,
Because I wanted freckles.
But instead I was pink.
And it hurt and I cried a little,
When I rubbed oil on it.

The sun was hot, hot.
I went swimming and tried to hold my breath for an hour.
But instead I only held it for less than a minute.
But for a minute I felt pretty,
Like a mermaid.
And it made me think of when you call me beautiful.
And I liked that.



The End

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