This Aries man so full of fire,

On a fast road to fulfill desire.

Rev you up and then let you cool,

Lessons by you are ‘Golden Rule’.

Defensive within every action,

Ecstasy reached upon reaction.

Yet so much warmth felt within,

Cold because of how life’s been.

Always restless and ever ready to fight,

Dominating energy towards your plight.

History created because of your thought,

Impulsiveness is how life is fought.

Flattery so often understated,

To ponder later why one waited.

Humour found by every story,

Helps one accept and not worry.

Excitement found by your presence,

Vulnerable curiosity is your essence.

Whether right or wrong – hold no fear,

Must always keep your conscious clear.

For yesterdays trials have made you grow,

Because of today – you become tomorrow.

By Susan Oag-Climie


The End

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