Are You Ready?

4th of July parades put me in a great mood.

Always the same

with not a use in the world for me

this place full of superstitions and facts

timing their terribly loved acts

sirens screams

engines whine

children scream for their time

Just some ritual replaced and repeated

to where Montezuma sits above an altar

sacrificial bone in hand

and the hordes of flesh lift and fury

in untold pleasures the mind will never comprehend

a sea drowning the sea

passing the way through their lines and frozen treats

Once again to taste the mercury

that flows through our absence of heart

to be told that memory shouldn't matter

if we're all indulged to the brim

to live as though your brother will fight

hardened knuckles and whitened palms

a murderer murdering a murder

just trying to figure out who started it

and all of it never changed

smiles wide and teeth gaped

hair frizzed and time whispering

a conscious decision

for the bubbling foam

they travels the currents

only to watch the other lives

do as they please

to wait with a smirk

lanky fingers

extended taunt

ready to forget

what you've already forgot.

The End

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