Are You Proud of Me?

guns, violence and behavioral problems. 

Are you proud of what you raised? 

The older generation complains about today's youth 

but wait a second their the ones who raised us 

they brought us up, taught us everything we know

and left us in the wind to fly on our own. 

Young men with no father to guide them, 

little girls without a mother 

to tell them how beautiful they really are.

That is the world I grew up in. 

Fend for yourself or die trying.

I'm not going to lie there is the occasional person

who genuinely care,

But fewer now a days.

Our parents were stolen by society. 

No one to raise us, 

alone and thrown to the wolves, 

talk about greed. 

Our young boys following what they learn in video games. 

Mislead girls reading magazines cloaked with faux beauty. 

Why are you so afraid to tell your sisters their beautiful.

Thank you society for raising us

the most suicidal and violent generation of all time. 

That poor young girl cutting her wrist, 

not feeling pretty enough. 

That young boy stealing a car, 

never to see the faces he loves more ever again. 

Society are you proud of what you raised?

The End

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