Love spelt backwards is EvolMature

Why restrict myself with syllable counts? I'm going all out with a Free-Verse.
Who are you? What is Love? Why am I writing? Are we telekinetic? So many questions- will you trust me?

Love is stupid. It can be funny, if you bump your head on a sign post. Sometimes, you catch yourself drooling over a glossy magazine page. His hair, ooooo. How does he get that much volume? -Inanimate, I talk to myself. 

I didn't mean anything by that paragraph. I'm writing anything that comes into my head. That being, Love is selfish. It is always an internal stimulus. You meet somebody, and you want them all for yourself. You want your parents love. Who wants to read this shit I'm writing? 


Do I care if nobody read this?

Yes. It makes me feel like I've uttered purposeless words.

Why would it be purposeless?

Because it doesn't help anyone.

Wrong answer- ask again Sean.

Why would it be purposeless?

Because it reflects my inability at this given moment.

What do you mean your inability?

I am scared if I publish this no one will care about my opinion.

Why are you scared about voicing your opinion?

Because my ego tells me what I write should always be quality.

Do you understand what dogma is?

Yes. Alan Watts explained what the word means to me.

Do you want your life to be the result of other's thinking?


Love is an energy that we express; when we are in the Love state, we bring gifts we give kisses we want each other's time we wear our hearts on our sleeve we dance and sing we learn new insights about ourselves, and we connect with the Universe.

The nature of the Love we express depends on where it comes from- it may sprout from the head or it can blossom from the heart. When it comes from the head, we are set about Point 0 arriving to Point 1. You get in a Love car, and you drive from start to destination. This is preset in your mind, you know the rules and you know what you want. The Love that comes from the head is decision based on logic; for example, if point A is if I give this girl a token of my appreciation, then point B would be she creates art for me. Love that comes from the head is very selfish, your decision is based on what suits you what you desire what gets you recognised; it is limited to that. If you consider human instinct, we are born to survive; expressing our Love by logic is just that. As humans, we have found ourselves expressing Love from our heads.

Other times, we express Love from the heart. This Love is free from our desire for material gain lust and power. The love that comes from our heart is spontaneous- you get in the Love car, and you take the scenic route driving from point 0 to.... nowhere. You have no expectations whereas Love from the head expects you to arrive at point 1. When you Love from the heart, you say hi you share apple crumbles you give tours you feed ducks, you express rather than impress- Love from the heart is for the other, Love from the head is for you.

You are a bowl of tomato soup. This bowl of red liquid is full of energy, a peppercorn's ripple will travel far. May you split the soup down the middle like Moses did? The left side is Love from the head and the right side is Love from the heart. It is important you find a balance in your expression- only you know how.

I don't know man.


The End

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