Are we there yet?

During the normal lifetime of a relation
comes a time that a lover might dread
Its the question that brings him nightmares
more than anything ever left unsaid

The conversation might start ever so casual
But one that you might regret
She looks so innocently into your eyes
"Darling, are we there yet?"

Your heart stops mid-sentence
She continues, "just where are we going?"
"It’s been great all this time"
"But we can't continue without knowing!"

So you delicately extricate out of her arms
and somberly pace that cold hard floor
She toys with her hair waiting for an answer
The pregnant silence she can't endure

So it then becomes one of those situations
that could just take the relationship apart
Just how long it took you to answer
to see her leave with a broken heart

The Lesson

"Are we there yet Honey"
"Oh yes, we are very much there"
"This is the start of a beautiful journey"
"We'll find out when we get there"

The End

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