Are All Angels Equal?

Racism, as told by 12 year old me

My Papa always told me

That "Equal means the same"

And to never judge a person

By religion, wealth, or name.

But the white man told my Mama

This old land is theirs.

The white man hates my Daddy

And buries him in glares.

The white man told my sister

"Don't you dare talk to my son!"

The white man told my brother

He would always be outdone.

The white man shot my uncle.

"I felt attacked," he said. 

The white man's afraid of the dark,

But hides when light is shed.

The white man killed my Papa.

No charges were pressed. 

The last three words my Papa heard 

Were "You're under arrest".

When white men treat us differently,

I can hear my Papa cry.

I guess his tears rain down on us

'Cause he's an angel in the sky.

Are all angels equal?


The End

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