Based on movie of same name, 4 verses




A deadly Spider from afar.

Atherton and Manli collect them from a tree.

But a retyrn will be dirrerent for Manli.

Dr Jennings remembers from birth.

Of what Arachnophia is worth.

The fateful bite

The Spider mates in a barn.

And the hatclings do their yarn.

The fateful bite hit’s a healthy old woman.

And from a lamp it forms a attack plan.

The cat was near to a scare.

As the Spider scanned it on a chair.

The casket

The Spider has bitten Manli.

And after The casket is free.

The body is drunken dry.

As a Spider catches a lift to fly.

It bites the bird dead.

As a baseball comes close ahead.


I can spin a web

I can spin a web.

I can tell a tale.

If you stomp me,I’ll be frail.

The barn is now my home.

From the forest I was flown.

Straight into a country to the unknown.

The End

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