Apropos of Nothing

Still behind... and it has been pointed out to me, correctly, that I am almost always still behind... late... in transit... in progress...

Apropos of Nothing

Figure twelve more minutes

No, I'll be there soon

I'm really sure I had it

Must've left it in my room

I'm still stuck in traffic

Just needs a little tweek

Really far too graphic

If I had another week

Just a bit more polish

It almost feels complete

Perhaps it's too Noir-ish

I pray they saved a seat

I hope I didn't do that

That wasn't what I meant

I've worn too many worn hats

I've earned all that I spent

Hey it's really dark here

Someone turn on a light

Perhaps now I'll learn fear

Is it day or night

Apropos of nothing

Who'd I piss off now

No one knows I'm bluffing

The silk purse still a sow

Pick anything that's listed

and when I've turned to bone

someone will have insisted

and wrote it on my stone

The End

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