April's Act

What is life?

Life is Love.

Life...is Madness.

Life is Horrible!

and even more...Life is Hate.

I wish there was a way out of Life.

Life...an insignificant thing.

Yet, these is one,

One that I will commit if I must

It is Sin

but Sin is for the best

I will Sin no more after this one act.

This impetrable act is Suicide.

One clean cut through the skin,

Seeing the blood of Life,

Flowing and flourishing out of my veins.

A rope dangling with the flesh of a corpse riding on it's neck...

No breath,

No Life,

but much to my dismay I cannot do it.

I need to be in more control!

I have to remember...

Life is full of Hate,

Life is full of Madness.

Life is Horrible,

and to my Hatred,

I have to remember.

Life is also Love.

The End

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