Hello everyone! This poem came about because a dutch friend of mine asked me to write some poems for a radio show of his. The show was called "January-December" It was composed of music broken up by poetry by different poets to represent each month.

If you would like to listen to the broadcast this is the link: https://soundcloud.com/oliverwright19/january-till-december-1

I hope you enjoy the poem and the broadcast!

It's hard to believe that six months ago:

Winter was starting,

but now Winter is ending.

And new life

is starting.

Buds come in bloom.

The smells fill the air.

Scents of life.

Scents of lust.

Scents of passion.

Our love is

of a, very



Traces of truth.

Traces of trust.

Traces of Love.

The way we feel is precisely that.

The way we feel.

It does not sway.

It does not fade.

It will never go away.

The only thing you ever took from me:

was my time.

My heart.

and my innocence.

All things I was willing to surrender.

All so that I

could hold you.

hear you.

melt with you.

How it happened

I can not say.

Different as night and day

we were.

But now you've become

my sun.

My moon.

To fill the sky.

You complete me.

You own me.

Take me.

I'm yours.

The End

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