Annual Performance Rating.
Being evaluated everywhere these days. At work, at home, at love...

The bitter half under new management
decided t'was time for my review
critique all my spousal activities
and provide a fresh management point of view

In matters of the said family
I hadn't provided any real time support
I was present only while convenient
such great dissatisfaction on the report

Wasn't awarded points for showing affection
and my motives were quite unclear
The hugs were lacking in any real warmth
She didn't like me pinching her rear

When was the last time I took a vacation
When was the last romantic dinner for two?
We hardly were in the same room together
'cause There was always some work left to do!

Our love life was quite the disappointment
but I thought that I was quite the star
Smiling sweetly, she handed me the news
Merely satisfactory, and not up to par

So this was my Annual Performance rating
Got the lowest on a score of one to five
Do better or the management warned me
Sooner or later would be without a wife!

The End

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