Whittle me relentlessly.

Use your teeth for hollowing,

make nothing of me.

I long for shades of brown.

Peel back this skin and swallow it.

Find nourishment in my flesh

and drink my body away

clean as air.

This is how we dance,

I give



you take.

I give you no choice

but to take.


This is the last phase:

finish me.

I love the holes you dig,

room for thoughts

on which to masticate,

a space to place

cool emptiness.


Over and over

I let this happen.

My solidity digested,

in pieces of my encouragement.

Devour me to the core,

and then that too,

consuming the dark seeds

where lies my heart.

My poison is trace.

They never know.

Resentment swallowed, no bitter taste.

But I've heard it's the thought

that counts.

The End

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