Fruit of My Heart


Fruit of My Heart

I placed three years of passion
beneath your skin;
I buried it deep to leave
no mark upon your
carmine body.
No: I wanted beauty
and subtlety,
Raw love concealed
inside the seeds
within the golden apple---
So I watched your crimson curves
shimmer, the edges of
your shape appealing,
and kissed you because I could not taste of you.
The temple of my
unrequited fire. 

Oh dear fruit of Venus,
I despise you. 

I gave you to my Love
as the symbol of my love.
Placed upon her desk you were
to whisper sweet everythings, so I
looked onward as my Helen partook
of your vermillion flesh,
partook of my unending desire,
and I saw how you did not share
the chosen words.
Her face did not flush;
Her body was not set ablaze;
She felt not my warmth inside her. 

You are a false testifier, and
I do not forgive you. 

I will bury you alongside my
forsaken devotion,
your ashes in a box made from the wood 
of your mother tree.
You’ll utter no more lies
beneath the weight of heavy earth.
And if your seeds
should ever sprout,
I will shear them in the name
of an empty wooden horse
that burned my world down around me.

The End

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