How can an apple create these emotions and thoughts... I don't know.

Apple delicious, sweet, and tart,

Color of blood inside my heart,

I’ll tell you now from the very start,

I never wish from him to part.


Apple, polished blood red,

Resting innocently on the bed,

I wish something else were in your stead,

You’re feeding nightmares in our head.


Apple that represents our task,

In deceit and disloyalty you bask,

For our failure and demise you ask,

Yet, a bite cannot be taken behind a mask.


Apple shining red and proud,

Others you may have cowed,

We’ll stay strong, we’ve vowed,

We’ll not be found beneath a shroud.


Apple with the shining peel,

Red as blood that coats the steel,

Of the sword I hold, as I kneel,

This pain engulfing you is real.


Apple covered in red skin,

Dipped in well of fatal poison,

You’ve been betrayed from within,

For you’ve committed the gravest sin.


The End

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