"Apocalyptic" Poem

Just some stuff I threw together. Kind of a story poem without telling every detail of description. I wonder what you people think of it :)

Vengeance all out

Nuclear armageddon

Total Fallout

Annihilation - doom


In the destruction

Hopeless despair

In the devastation

Chaos unfair


The end of the world

For them it seems

Realm of nightmares

Faithless, no dreams


But the "Ray of Hope"

Survives the "Abyss"

But, they keep saying no!

It's the Apocalypse!


Before all is lost

Sun again rises

Angelic heroes

Full of surprises


Don't they feel shame?

For doubting the way

Earth lives again

Alive through "Hope's Ray"


Dominion of Pain

To lose its grips

Peace to reign

Despite "Apocalypse"

The End

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