Everything Dies, Except LoveMature

Just a little after four in the morning

I am cradled in your embrace

The sheet cool as silk against the bareness

Reflecting on what has happened

Nothing seemed possible to accomplish

Now in a deeper trust I can let my aching body cease

Slumber covered him, but even still I can feel waves of passion

I never meant to be burned again

But this fiery burn I have now, I can get used to

I want him to realize one thing:

I’ll be there in the morning

With a smile on my lips after touching his

To start it all again

Although silence is in my ears

I still echo the hushes of his breath

I turn over to face his deep rest

His lips still grazed on my arm

The musk of his skin and hair tingled and shivered me

I felt reassured

Confident this time nothing would harm me

Not with him being my shield

The End

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