Now That You're Here, Save MeMature

From the depths of black

You have save me form life lack

For my own wound I’m suffocating

The worst part is me here, for you I’m waiting

I don’t know if you know

I am here drowning further below


I don’t want to be paralytic

Inside this sad soul, to the kingdom of you is where I want to be

But I need my transportation ticket

I want to be able to say “You and Me”


Tell me when I’m gonna live again

Assure to my feelings this fear will end

I want to live for us

I want to live for love

I should tell you my strength is fading fast

I need you to breathe into me at last


I need to wake up from this life-draining comatose

You keep me alive

With you, I’ll always wake with an overdose

Though it’s hard to get rid of this knife


I’ll come to you with blood down my arm

I say “There’s no need to be in alarm”

And I’ll lie, “It’s the last night I’ll be feeling like this”

But when you see right through it, you give me your sorry kiss

And you’ll assure, “There’s no need to cry…”

“…because I’ll be your reason why.”

The End

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