If only she knew

If only she knew!

I want to scream from the misguidance

Misled to believe you were real

You’ve had plenty of time to ponder on your lust

My body is a bomb

Waiting to tick-tock to boom

Each word that comes from your mouth is a tick and tock

While you sit and come up with a believable story

I’m across the room drowning in my own mind

How you’ve lied to me

To be told

“I am here to make you happy

Smile, my love, smile

You’ll be safe”

You lie!

It doesn’t matter if it was her or you

You proceeded

I can’t live here when there’s no ‘you and me’

You asked me to run away with you

The world crushes on my shoulders

With the splinters of my heart in my chest

I’m bleeding my way to an end

Not mine

But of ours

The End

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