Fairy Tale?Mature

Once upon a time

When I drifted aimlessly in the dark

The rain drops beating the ground sound like a piano

So damp it feels warm

Fifteen years of having no love in my life

Nothing resembling light in my eyes

They clinch onto my secrets

Judging those who they believe will break me

Numbness sticks me in the calves

I sit to rest for the moment

I feel as if I am fishing for someone so right

The bait is my heart, the line is hope, and the reward is to see me

The line was nudged when you happen to stop

You sat down beside me and wiped the tears from my cheeks

I feel like a zombie compared to the angel before me

Cradling me in your arms, a strong pulsing in my head

Comfortable in your embrace made my stomach flutter

I no longer felt like there was a war in my mind

No more bombs, no more guns, no more hatred

You carried me to your home, sanctuary

Warmth of kindness was new, I would cower from you

I didn’t know what to do

When I felt drained, I slept in harmony with the sound of breath

I slept on your couch and it was the best thing I could ask for that night

From the beginning of a once upon a broken heart

The End

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