Beginnings of the WoundsMature

Taught, that in the end we all end up in Hell

Just thought I would thank you for all the disappointment

Despised by everything and loathing everything

When I leave here don’t blame me for your so-called lost

I shall not return, for if I do I get another wound

Your screams echo in my head

Beating against me like bass in a car

Every step is a flaw to them

Banished to sanctuary in my room

Secluded from everything I was curious about

But how about I let the fire bathe this house

And I’ll never let you go easy

Constructing a coffin, something I don’t need

But something you shall soon call cradle

I was never famous to you

You screeched to me

“You’re no daughter of mine!

I should have had a son!

Disgrace of the kin!”

Those words singed into my skin, forever a scar

Disturbed in the head

Said things I wish I could make true

Stop interrogating me

The questions never did stop

Even in everyday innocence I am isolated

Nothing I ever did was good enough for the you or the cruel world

The End

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