Apocalyptic DaysMature

A little poem story I am crafting. I try to get a point of view on everything can cause a person to have these thoughts. (Most I have experienced, and others I have heard from friends or family members).

Count every damned blessing you have

Because I count every fucking lie

I and an army close our eyes

Praying for pestilences

Eradicate all the worthlessness upon this earth

Cleanse this sphere from the vermin who are filled with shit

Inhabit every slither and crack in the ground

Plagues shall wash this planet

Amputate each infected child

Pitiful excuses of what has become the human race

The sky burns crimson

Stand in an audience of an event

Every clap you hear a new born is dying now

When the dead rise the living shall fill the graves

Grace of the blood soaked tourniquets

Death itching up your chilled spine

Kissed upon our cheeks is a fine thorn

When the sun sets down so will you

The pests who occupy the destroyed environment rot

Decaying into the skin of the soil

Each limb is butchered and thrown

 O’ where did all morals hide?

The End

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