The message is a little repetitive, cliche and blunt but for me no less relevant

Shades of grey, blurring, bleeding and drowning as they blend,

suspended between white and black, heaven and hell, clarity and ignorance.

Eternally neither.

A vague purgatory of sorts. A medley of confusion and apathy that burns

unlike the torturous fires of hell or the virtuous zeal of heaven,

but like a disease. A silent seeping numbness that spreads through the body.

Tainting love. Cooling passion. Dampening happiness. Muting sorrow.

Leaching the life from a person until all that’s left is dry, cracked clay.

Better for a man to be thriced damned than to choose such a fate

For at least he pulled his own strings even if only for a brief moment

The raging flames of hell will burn his bones but they cannot take that from him.


Repress the suffocating indifference that envelopes you,

and ignite feeling, passion.

Draw back your curtains!

Remove your mask!

Step out of the mould!

Reject conformity and deception!

Be heroic. Be virtuous. Be wicked. Be chaotic. BE!


At least be, to the fullness of who you are. Embrace your weaknesses and flaws,

they are the pockmarks of something crafted lovingly.

Revel in the fact that you were not assembled, a uniform product of factory line.

Remove the noose that you let the puppet master place around your neck,

stand up straight and proclaim your freedom to the masses.

Hurry, once the candle burns down the darkness is eternal.

The End

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