Apart and Away

I listen to the music and remember
Driving at night with you
Out so fast, in so quick
And I never got to say goodbye

It's been years since you were gone
And I remember what it was like with you
Everything I hated I'm starting to love
Everything I loved I'm starting to hate

I see you standing in an empty street
Smoking and crying to yourself
I want to say hello and hold you
But instead I walk right by
I promised you I never would

I'm turning into everything I hate
And you were so long ago
You need help, I see that now
And I'm not going to give it

Are you proud of yourself?
Are you proud of me?
Are you proud of everything
I promised I wouldn't be?

You're not who you used to be
You've grown worse and I don't care
If I never see you again
No, I don't want to talk

I cry and say
I want you both back
But my own weakness and loathing
Keeps me away for good

No, you're gone
And I can't have you back
No, you're gone
And you both left too fast

The End

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