the stage between having to let go and take on the new, to take the next step of faith, scared and unsure, but only because of false doubt, the snake eating away at the Hope we have through grace, that seems to disappear when we loose sight of the promise we so blindly hold.

Body aching

Ming capacitating

Thoughts racing

Spirit illuminating


                All the demons wanting a cut

                To steal the joy

                Break into my gut


Cells dividing

Eyes drying

Breath disappearing

Tongue battling


                To let feelings create words

                To let dreams take shape

                To let reality exist


Ideas floating

Goals climbing

Affliction increasing

Hope reminiscing


                Over peace lost and found

                Heart strings due to be bound

                Love scratching at the ground


Songs dying

Poems crying

Letters flying

Messages deciding


                Our fate out state

                Auto correct a common sect

                Face crack front and back


Pencil hovering

Paper crumpling

Sentences braking

Meaning dozing


                In shells of empty bodies

                Without value or a color hue

                To brighten the essence of life


The End

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