Sun Rise

At a shelter full of sheckles
With a shellfish full of freckles...
Forever will I ever love
To be amongst the gold.
But if I never watched the sunrise
That, in truth, is no surprise
I'll ever wait and watch and wonder
Why they fit the mold.
Have a day!
Work the world and winds away!
Miles away, and
Filed away
To the steepest shores,
And the cheapest stores,
To buy the goods that lift the weight
Of agony off your back.
To fight the herds, in other words.
Til a crystal sound
Echoes all around
But following come
The images in my head...

Well I'm not one to lie,
And I'll love or I'll die.
Could you stand if you were I,
Could you stand it?
Could you begin to faintly
Understand it?
That's part of the way
On another day
To find it.

The End

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