All along the daughter
mother water
drink the walk, walk, walk
the talk
and wait, wait, wait
the walk
the water.
And the heat can sweat
the walking,
And the frost can bite
the cold and talking
of better days,
and of redder rays,
and the hot, hot sun
and the pop, pop, popping
of the hail upon the water
and it's hotter than the ground
but it's better than the sound,
wetter all around, round round
in a circle for speed
in a whirlpool of need.
So the father lights a candle
and it burns down to the table
and the flames
and the blaze
and the hot, hot, hot
Where's the water now?
hotter now than ever,
with the matches
and snatches of a song
the fog
the pond
the song
along the wavy water,
to dong the hazy thunder,
And you wonder...
Where's the--
wait you never
waved or watched
the winter

The End

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