Another Saturday

It's all about having a good time, but missing someone you're still in love with and trying to move on to someone new

Darkened winter nights, and I'm spending my glory

Fancy words and taller tales, instantly she's hooked

I'm listening to her and pondering the next move

But I'm loving my life, whether I win or lose


Another Saturday and I'm far away

Bringing the whiskey to the party

The nights with friends I've barely met

The friends and the better times yet


Smoking and the room is misty with questions

We're alone and sweet silence coupled with alcohol

Allows us to unmask intentions and take the fall

Another attempt we'll go again


I'm holding back the screams

For an girl who's clearly moving on

I'm bursting at the seams

Dreaming for a ghost finally gone


Come the morning and I'm dreaming of lovers past 

A headache coupled with a misery unknown before

Stuck between two girls I both adore

I'm haunted by my sense of indecision 


I'm yet again cursing myself 

Beyond this world that I know

A solution will present itself

But for now I'll carry on drinking


The End

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